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Payment Using Payza Temporary Disabled

As you know, Alertpay was recently rebranded to their new name, Payza.
If you were regularly made payment to us via Alertpay, probably you already realize that the payment option showed in our billing system had changed the label “Alertpay” to “Payza (Formerly known as Alertpay)”.

Other than this small details, we do facing some issues from Payza on the payment we received from our customers.
The most critical issue we encounter, is the payment that customers paid to us recently, was all frozen and put on hold once the amount was successfully transferred to our account.

From what we found from the Internet, this very same issue was faced by a lot people as well.
We’ve been trying to raised a support ticket to Payza, and they still yet to reply us with any response yet for the time being.

As Alertpay was a reputable company in the past, we still have our trust on them at the moment and we believe that all the issues and delays might be causing from the recent transition of power and management, as well as undergoing some new staff training etc.

But until everything is resolve, we decided to cease the use of Payza as one of our payment gateway, to avoid more of our funds to be frozen and causing financial imbalance to our cash flow.

Therefore from now on, please make your payment to us via Paypal, until all the issues we have with Payza are resolved.
We will be providing updates on the status of our Payza issues here, and once issues are resolved, we will be update in this blog to inform when will we re-enable Payza as one of the payment option in our billing system.

  • Tonycell22

    you have fund on hold at payza how long does it take ..



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