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Windows VPS Plans Temporary Discontinued

We are currently temporary stop accepting any new order on all of our Windows VPS plans until further notices.
All existing Windows VPS customers are not affected, and can still continue to renew the subscriptions.

This decision was made due to providing Windows VPS had increased extremely high workload to our support ticket department’s staff, as majority of the Windows VPS customers had blasting the support ticket system to demand our support ticket staff to setup most of the things inside the VPS itself, such as enabling RDP via the VNC console from the SolusVM, setting up IIS, MS-SQL, and installing any 3rd party applications, which it is actually not our system admin’s responsibility, but instead, it is what suppose to be done by customers themself.

Please keep in mind, that we only responsible for the host node itself, not what inside the VPS. Anything inside the VPS, are the customer’s own responsibility to manage themself! We are not obligated to do any customization for the customer’s Windows itself! And also please make sure you read our TOS/AUP properly before you click the “Order” button.

At this moment, we have not yet decide whether we will completely discontinue all the Windows VPS plan or not. We announce the update of our decision when we had comes to an conclusion whether to continue providing Windows VPS or not.
If you are still interested with our Windows VPS plans, please make sure you check out this announcement blog from time to time.



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