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Temporary Slow On Provisioning Servic...

Temporary Slow On Provisioning Services

We would like to inform our dear customers to be bear with our current slow speed on provisioning your ordered services due to we are currently performing upgrades to our billing system. Please be patient and do not keep spamming the support ticket, as we do aware with the slow speed of provisioning our services. […]

Olympic Offer! Free Blog Hosting Plan...

Olympic Offer! Free Blog Hosting Plan!

As everyone are focusing the Olympic result a lot recently, we too are paying a lot attention to the Olympic games as well. As a Malaysian based web hosting company, we would like to offer something back to Malaysians as well. Today, our Badminton player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei will be competing with Lin Dan […]

Windows VPS Plans Temporary Discontin...

Windows VPS Plans Temporary Discontinued

We are currently temporary stop accepting any new order on all of our Windows VPS plans until further notices. All existing Windows VPS customers are not affected, and can still continue to renew the subscriptions. This decision was made due to providing Windows VPS had increased extremely high workload to our support ticket department’s staff, […]

Payment Using Payza Temporary Disable...

Payment Using Payza Temporary Disabled

As you know, Alertpay was recently rebranded to their new name, Payza. If you were regularly made payment to us via Alertpay, probably you already realize that the payment option showed in our billing system had changed the label “Alertpay” to “Payza (Formerly known as Alertpay)”. Other than this small details, we do facing some […]

Managed & Unmanaged Services

Managed & Unmanaged Services

We would like to inform our customers that managed services will only provide to those who did subscribe to the VPS/Dedicated Servers management services. Please do not insist for for system administrators to setup and maintain your VPS/Dedicated Servers if you did not subscribe to our management service. And please, do Google before you open […]



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